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What are the Common STD Symptoms Women Experience?

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are more common than most individuals realize. A woman can be infected with a disease no matter what type of sex she has. It is imperative individuals do all they can to protect themselves from the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases so they can prevent serious health complications that could make them ill or cause their death. With this information, women will know what symptoms to look for to determine whether or not they have an STD.

These signs should never be ignored:

  • Vaginal discharge that can be thick, white, green, yellowish, and foul-smelling
  • Blisters or sores in the vaginal area
  • Rash in the vaginal area
  • Burning and pain during urination
  • Vaginal bleeding outside of menstruation
  • Vaginal or pelvic pain during intercourse

It is important women are checked if they have any symptoms of sexually transmitted disease. In some cases, STDs cause no symptoms which can lead a woman’s condition to worsen because she does not seek immediate treatment.

Generally speaking, a woman should be checked by her gynecologist any time she sees changes in her reproductive health or the appearance of her vagina. A pelvic examination and testing can inform the doctor if a woman has any diseases. In some cases, vaginal fluids are tested and some tests are done by drawing blood. Some testing can have immediate results while most will need to be sent off to a lab.

It is imperative a woman takes special precautions to protect herself. Unfortunately, some women simply think about protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancy but women need to be mindful they can catch sexually transmitted diseases without penetration. Female condoms are imperative, no matter what type of sexual activity a woman is engaging in.

If you are concerned about your reproductive health contact your doctor right away and schedule an examination. If you would like to stay up to date on the latest topics pertaining to women’s issues, visit This site is full of information that is regularly updated. Here, women can read information on what matters most to them. Visit today and stay informed and entertained.